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  1. rafanadal7


    Jan 4, 2016
    Hey guys,

    Trying to decide on a macbook pro 2012 vs the 2015 version for the upcoming school year (i'll be starting as an m1). the macbook pro 2012 will have 4 gb ddr3l, 500 gb hdd, i5 processor, and it will be refurbished from the apple store ($829). the macbook pro 2015 will have 8 gb ddr3l, 128 gb flash/ssd, i5 processor, and it will also be refurbished from the apple store ($929). here are the pros and cons of each (as i see them).

    pros for 2012:
    upgradability (i think i would want at least 8 gb ram and potentially ssd)

    cons for 2012:
    most likely needs to be upgraded
    no retina display
    a three year older model (as compared to the 2015)

    pros for 2015:
    8 gb ddr3l already in place (couldn't do anything about it if i was unsatisfied since its soldered on)
    retina display
    newer parts/graphic cards/thinner

    cons for 2015:
    128 gb flash/ssd just seems like too little even with an external (I'm looking into buying a 240 gb upgrade kit from like or whatever that fairly reputable site is that offers upgradable parts for the retina macbook pros, but thats gonna cost a good 330 bucks).

    i think i'm leaning towards the 2015 just since it is newer, but at the same time, i really like the 2012 machine. btw, the school i'm going to isn't really particular on capabilities (really just that your OS checks out and that its not like a chromebook).

    Thanks guys, really appreciate the feedback!
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